Kind of Weird

When I am updating this site I look at the stats for views, comments, search engine terms used to find the site and so on.  I don’t expect huge numbers of hits.  I certainly didn’t expect this:

  • One of our e-mail subscribers is from Europe!  (Not a Ryan, either!)
  • And look at this map that shows where viewers are checking in from!
Relatively Ryan views since Feb 25 2012

Relatively Ryan Views Since Feb 25 2012

I’ve been trying to get a recipe added every day and been doing pretty good.  Since the last time I’ve posted I’ve added these recipes:

A final note…anyone interested in being on a committee to plan the next Ryan Reunion should contact Sharon Ryan, Becky Ryan, Shelley Quesnel-O’Rourke or me.  Use the form in the contact info here to get in touch with me.  (That way I’m not posting e-mails for spam robots to find!)

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